Virtual Super Bowl 2021 Party including Vegan snacks & dessert! Yummy!

Hey everyone, what a wild super bowl we experienced this past Sunday, right!! Gooo Buccaneersssssssa!! Whether you watched for the game, food, or commercials it’s a game most people watch!! Like this crazy year of virtuality for many of us, This event for us was virtual!!! Here’s a look at our night, with some suggestions on making your football party or any party a plant based party too!! So yummy!!!

We had a wonderful first time Virtual Super bowl, complete with so much yummy food!! Hope you had a wonderful time too!!

This year I made a vegan/plant based chocolate cake and a vegan/plant based spinach artichoke dip, salsa & guacamole dip, stuffed red peppers, & sweet potato skins!! To go with Turkey Chile, a layered dip, beef tácitos, & bbq chicken sliders!! And from scratch brownies Yummy!!

Layered dip!!

I didn’t have fine to frost this cake so I  made a quick fix decision,  Write 12 for Tom Brady 🙂 wallaaa problem solved 🙂

No bread bowl, no problem just use pizza dough to make your own!! This Came out awesome!! Just rolled into little balls and made a flat center piece to tie everything together 🙂 brushed with garlic infused olive oil, so delicious 🙂

Roasted Red Pepper stuffed with barley, onion & plant based cheddar cheese 🙂

I purchased a package decorating kit from Amazon this year!! It was a quick remedy for my decorating needs!! It was so cute!! But I loved last years decoration just a tad better even though it was so much work! 😂

Making it Plant Based & Vegan

There’s so many delicious options out there to make any party plant based 🙂 for instance you can often substitute dairy in a recipe with plant based ones:)

Plant based foods that work are like foods with Garbanzo beans like Hummus!! Or substituting Garbanzos for meat 🙂 like in tacos. Lentils is another good choice!! Also Cannelloni, black, or pinto beans :). Sweet potatoes are wonderful snacks, I love sweet potato anything :). Cauliflower makes great mock chicken tenders & flavored with your favorite sauce. Delicious!! Also you can create your own veggie meatballs/patties with simple ingredients like lentils, rice & tahini, season & add garlic & onion.

How about Red Peppers!! OMG!! One of my favorites right now 🙂 Mushrooms are another, yes they are another substitute for meat also!!

For Dessert, Cake can be make vegan or plant based omitting eggs & replacing with a ground flax seed 1tbsp to 3 tbsp water mixture. I found a chocolate cake recipe I absolutely love that didn’t include eggs to begin with, hope to share it soon 🙂 also plant based butter can replace the butter in a vanilla buttercream frosting :).

Using soy to create yummy deserts is another option. Like making a soy cheesecake!! Haven’t tried yet but it sounds wonderful 🙂

Virtual Party

This was my first Super Bowl party held virtually!! I loved that I could invite family & friends from all over the country!! My mom & stepfather came, how fun was that!! We had like over 16 connections, we had a blast!! I had friends send me pics of their football food & pictures of themselves with their favorite team colors, it was awesome!!! We did alittle trivia before the game started, we enjoyed some of the commercials & half time show together too!! We even had fun with Pringles, a fellow on the chiefs team!! A friend of mine was neither rooting for the chiefs nor Buccaneers but his guy Pringles!! It was the nights long running joke 😂

I was of course rooting for the Buccaneers, so it was fun especially because they won the Super Bowl!! Woo hoo!! So till next year friends 🙂 thanks for visiting 🙂



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