Beautiful bugs inspiration, the Mourning Cloak Butterfly video!!

Hope you’re all having a wonderful day, if you live in Maine hope your enjoying this gorgeous summerlike day!  Todays inspiration comes from a beautiful butterfly I hadn’t seen before!! We spotted it while walking along the lake one day!

I think it is called a Mourning Cloak Butterfly!! Funny thing is as we were trying to investigate what type of butterfly we had spotted we were surprised to find out there are over 300 species of moths and butterflies in Maine!! Wowza!!

I love the detail in all the beautiful and even the ugly bugs!! Not mosquitoes nor ticks!! Yuck!! Some were really funny looking but this butterfly was pretty neat! It almost blended into the bark when it had its wings together!!  Check it out!!

What do you think? I’d Love to hear your thoughts!!

Have a wonderful day!!

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