Enjoying the green & Walking for your mental health!!

Today was a scorcher here in Maine but it was so important for me get out for a walk with the  kiddos!!  Walking and enjoying nature, exercising is a wonderful walk to feel better!! We are surrounded by so much negativity and fear and even our own worries that it’s so important to take time for You!!

Do you have kids? Bring them along!! They need to destress too!!! Plus it’s so much fun!!

Ill be posting a cute but short video of a butterfly on a tree!! Stay tuned!!

I’m such a nature lover these days, we love exploring and checking out what is causing leaves to rustle… or checking on frogs in shallow ponds!! Or our own ( we don’t have any that hatched yet)!!  Unfortunately I couldn’t help my daughter, the frog lover capture one today!! Sorry but I got scared! Lol!!




Thanks so much for visiting!! I love sharing pieces of Maine with you!! Have a wonderful night!

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