Gorgeous Fishing views & easy Lentil & Rice burrito!!

Today was a lovely day for fishing & a ride up to Greenwood & Bethel Maine on this day off!!  Unfortunately we didn’t catch any fish but we had a fun time with family!!


I love sharing the beauty and natural splendor of this beautiful state with you!! There are so many places that are so different than the natural beauty of trees, water & wildlife!!  Places where there’s so much violence, uneasiness and fear! So tonight I’m thankful that our wonderful Creator Jehovah God gives us so much beauty to enjoy & meditate on 🙂 hope you like these pics!!


For dinner today we had lentil & rice w cheese burritos!! Mine had plant based cheese & the rest were a Mexican blend…Yummy.. it was abit windy as we fished from the rock Island but we enjoyed it along with tortilla chips! Only thing we needed was hot sauce!!  I brought a thermos of each and made the burritos there!! For an easy lentil recipe check out this link 🙂 enjoy!!

Veggie Pasta with cabbage & either chicken or lentils and a side salad!!

So we’re going to sleep peacefully but tired after traveling to western Maine and enjoying the lovely lake & scenery 🙂

Have a wonderful evening, thanks for visiting 🙂

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