Why an apple a day keeps the doctor away & how to eat more apples? even Bruno agrees!!

If you don’t already know him, this is Bruno our Pet!! He’s a chocolatey mix of lab and possibly some kind of hunting\shepharding dog.. we absolutely love him! He’s here encouraging healthy eating along with me on this blog!! To our surprise, he also enjoys apples and oranges, carrots and many other healthy things!! Good boy!! What about you? Do you like fresh fruit and veggies?


Why is an apple a day encouraged anyway?? It’s an old saying that an apple a day keeps the doctor doctor away, but have you ever wondered why? Well for one apples are full of many nutrients and minerals like Vitamin C, B complex Vitamins, Dietery fiber and phytonutrients. Minerals such as Calcium, Potassium and phosphorus..according to Medicalnewstoday.com…

There has been a number of studies indicating the many benefits of eating apples and aiding in the prevention of diseases like heart attack, stroke, dementia, Alzheimer’s , diabetes, obesity and has been proven to reducing bad levels of cholesterol and increasing good levels of cholesterol called (HDL)… and is also good for gut health 🙂

It is also noted that eating the peel is encouraged for better nutritional value..

Small changes make a big difference

instead of a sugary processed snack, why not make an adjustment to your diet and choose and apple instead!! Unfortunately some people are on the verge of losing a limb or getting on diabetic medication or worse sufferening the effects of a bad diet, why wait to make a change, why not make healthy choices as soon as you can… nothing wrong with special decadent treats on special occasions now and again….but once you get started on a healthy choice path you may not think it’s special anymore and prefer healthy snacks then too….you will see…

Tool that makes eating apples fun and easy!!

Having an apple corer is the best thing to have on your counter top as well as fruit visibility to make healthy choices and easy accessibility !

This tool makes eating fun by dicing the Apple in a spiral shape and coring your apple at the same time…My kids and I love it! My friends do too!

It’s an awesome tool for making fast apple pies or crisp as well!! Just adjust the setting to peel your apples, yummy! Some of My favorites!

Purchasing a peeler/corer…

I bought mine years ago,  but you can purchase online, I always use amazon…. Walmart and other stores sell them.. another place is goodwill.. not all goodwills are the same but here in new England they are awesome! Our friend loved ours so much she wanted one and one day my hubby was at goodwill and what do you think he found??? Yes an apple corer, dicer and peeler like ours.. brand new.. she says she thinks of him when she uses it, she’s a health conscience women in her 60’s, she uses it almost everyday and she says she loves it!  It really is one of the best kitchen tools in my book!! I Love it!!


Hope this helps you on your health journey!! Thanks for visiting and following along 🙂

To shop items on this page…Amazon affiliate link, as an affiliate I earn a small portion of this item..just click on link to check out the item 🙂 I know you will love it!! 

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