From drab to fab day, another beautiful drive!! Positive thinking always wins!!

I love rain!!! It is so calming and relaxing, you just want to stay in your pjs all day! Today was that kind of day! I could have listening to the rain all day, but surprisingly the sun came out in the afternoon!! So today’s post will feature the best parts of the day!!…they say if you don’t like the weather in Maine, wait abit and it will change.. so true…lol! But I must say I liked both parts!!

A dreary day is usually due to lack of light and it saddens us sometimes beacause it means we can’t go out and play for our little ones or ourselves to enjoy the outdoors… but once in a while a dreary day can be so welcoming especially if you’re not feeling well!! I don’t want to discourage anyone, in some places it rains all the time… with the right gear you still can have fun no matter the might as well enjoy it!! Like I mentioned I love a good rainy day so I’m not complaining!! theres a clip at the bottom of this blog for your listening pleasure, the beautiful sound of rain!

Then in the afternoon, the sun peaked out in glorious fashion!! We took another drive in the pm, oh it was nice!! We drove to Ricker Hill Farms in Turner Maine!! Sadly the ice cream machine was broken but we still enjoyed the views!! Gorgeous! Notice the clouds were neat, they seamed to look plump and heavy! Isn’t it pretty??  So we really got the best of both worlds today, and really it’s all about perspective!.if we have a complaining spirit, well nothing’s going to make us happy!! So stay positive and be thankful…

Hope you enjoyed your day!! Thanks for visiting!! Liking and following along…





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