Absolutely Gorgeous evening at the Ocean, loving the sunset!!

 What an amazing evening tonight @ our fishing hole in Kennebunkport!!! Loved Driving along with the fisherman-my family of them anyway and enjoying the views!! Look they even caught some fish, Pollock!! Yay!! 


I’ll take in the Ocean views any day!! We packed up our dinner, turkey burritos with rice and beans of course!! Gallon of water and cups, chips, fishing supplies &  Vámonos!!! Off we went!! 

Don’t you just love the views? What do you think of it?? I loved the sunset tonight, so gorgeous!! The ocean breeze felt refreshing!!  The sea foam was interesting too…kinda weird looking.. jiggly and yucky.. mya daughter touched it!! Ya i know.. she sanitized her hands after!! Kids are so curious!!

So hope these pic evoke calm, quiet, serene…I know I’m ready to drift off to 💤 😴

Light reflecting off the pier at night, almost have to use your imagination..lol!!

Goodnight, thanks for reading, following along and liking my posts!!



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