Relaxing Afternoon in Freeport Maine, shopping & skating at the LLBean Rink!!

Have you been to Freeport Maine?? It’s a fun place to do alittle shopping & there’s always something fun to do at the LLBean store!! This winter there’s even a free skating rink you can try out & rent skates at no charge!! woo hoo!!

We took alittle ride & checked out the rink! It wasn’t quite what I expected as it’s quite small & the rink was made of Polyethylene which is what the plastic cutting boards are made of. Hmm??? Its a synthetic Rink!! Weird but true!! It even felt like a cutting board!! Either way It was fun to check out, take pics there & just spend time in this great atmosphere!! I love the vibe here anyway so it was an added bonus to have this fun thing to try!! My favorite part was the heated seats along the rink!! Loved loved that!!

So if you havent visited freeport friends, take a little trip out there & check out the stores, & synthetic skating rink!! Theres something similar at amazon if youre interested in checking it out too!! Have a great day! Hope youre enjoying your vacation too!!

My favorite part of the Rink!!

We did alittle shopping at Old Navy and went to the Main ll bean store & the home part of LLBean, LLBean outlet, Claire’s, and a couple sunglass stores!! It was fun!! I picked out an exercise top, kids picked out a t shirt & sweater 🙂 love shopping but we were abit over dressed so we were hot & hadn’t planned on shopping so I had a backpack with our water & outdoor stuff in it!! Next time we’ll be better prepared to dress down!! 😂

Sadly Starbucks was closed by 3pm so I didn’t get my coffee treat!! Oh well, so McDonald’s it was!! They had great decaf coffee actually!! The kids got happy meals for their treat!! They haven’t had those in like forever!! 😂

So hope youre enjoying your winter break & if you get a chance check out the synthetic rink at LLBean!! Have fun!!

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