Gorgeous & Refreshing Hike in the mountains with my fur bff Bruno!!

Getting outdoors is so therapeutic and a natural mood enhancer, I encourage If you’re able to get out into nature and enjoy the world around you,, enjoy the fresh air and natural noise and landscape, give it a try!! Your body and mind will thank you for it!! Here’s my latest adventure!!

Maine weather has been wild and mild lately! It’s been so mild, temps were in the 50s yesterday melting most of our snow!! Awww….but Although I look forward to snow, the warm weather made for a wonderful hiking day!! Here are the highlights of our adventure! Hope it inspires yours…. 🥰👍🤗🙌🏼

Hiking with my Buddy

Now that Bruno is 2 years old he’s been easier to take along on walks and hikes so he was my companion yesterday! I just love him!! Here’s a pic of him  & one of his paws…yes he needs his nails clipped again!!

Do you have a hiking, walking, running buddy? Well one good thing about getting your exercise done outside is that you can take your fur buddy along with you!! You can even bring your human buddy along too of course!!

We did a mile hike up and a shorter hike down!!


One thing I noticed about Bruno, our vizsla Lab mix is his keen senses and altered prey drive!! He immediately noticed something was living inside a log!! He’s very curious!! He has a training collar for these instances where he will pull you or want to chase something!! Ok I did allow him to explore! I think he’s so cute….but he knew that wasn’t what we were doing along the Path so we continued on!! That’s the narrative I’ll put on that scene! 😂


We just loved the sunny day, but it got so warm I had to take my jacket off!! Phew!! I think next time I’ll bring a back pack to put everything in!!


Lovely Day, Beautiful Summit!!

Approaching the summit, I though oh how nice…I must get a picture,, well my phone battery died shortly after so this is the picture I got right before looking out the Summit view at the very top!!  Awww!! Next time!!  It was so beautiful you would have loved it !!  I love how far you can see Into the horizon when you’re up there!! Now that the trees are thinned out without their leaves you can see more!!  Sorry you’re going to have to picture the summit with your eyes of adventure!! Here’s a picture of a look out, it’s a different angle but not quite to the top, still pretty!!




Thanks for visiting and following along on our adventures and blogging journey!! Check out the blog for more nature pics and hiking/walking inspiration!!  Have a wonderful day!!

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