“Break out the fine China” & How you can give your table a special touch!!

So I was reading an article on entertaining and came across the idea of breaking out the fine China for entertaining!! I found this very interesting and cool but of course I don’t have any! Lol!! So the next time I went shopping I came across a few pieces! So I bought a pair of serving dishes!!! Yay!! I love decorating and entertaining so I thought this would be a great time to add a few China pieces!! Maybe you’d like to add a few pieces for your entertaining 🙂 or would like to make your mealtime  special!!

I just want to say, I’ve had a home for about 19 yrs now…married for 20 and I’ve never knowingly bought China!! It’s not for everyone, and I’m not into fine prints and fancy dishes!! But I feel it was time for alittle fun, the kids are older now too, so why not, plus the price was right!!

I think most people have even inherited china and not known what to do with these….you can even go to Goodwill here on the east coast and you will see many China tea cups…but I’m going to say it does elevate your dinning experience!! I love simple..so the china pieces I chose to buy are pretty plain yet modern!! I’m always thinking about how I can reuse an item or use more times!! But I want to say you can go on and not even need these so don’t worry if you don’t have the desire or the money to purchase some for yourself!! Plastic, paper and other stoneware is perfectly fine but It’s always great to change things up abit!! It fun, and pretty!! So go for It add something  special to your days…:)

Here are the pieces that I found, they are fine bone China i picked them up at Burlington Coat factory for $5.99, don’t you just love the price??


Fine bone China: according to Merriam-Webster definition it is a white China made with bone ash or calcium phosphate and characterized by whiteness. Or often referred to as bone porcelain according to reference.com

How I Used these!! I made seasoned potato wedges with a chicken, zucchini, onions and mushrooms!! We had a nice dinner at home but we felt like  we were at a restaurant!! The food was yummy and we loved breaking out the China!! 😂

Hope you can elevate your meals and serve them up in something special!! It doesn’t have to China but there are so many things out there that are similar!!

Thanks for reading!! Hope you enjoy your dinner adventures and making your dining experience special for your friends and family, or just have a special dinner for one of your everyday meals!! Thanks for visiting!!

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