How to get outside even though it’s wicked cold out!!

Brrrr, when it’s 25 degrees with a cooold windchill it may encourage you to just Stay inside where it’s warm! This post will help you get the right gear on so you’ll be toasty warm & help you get outside despite the cold temps!!  I’ll also share a walk that describes some of my clothing choices 🙂


The only thing about layering is that You probably won’t win a beauty pageant  but who cares right!!  you’ll feel good about getting that much needed walk and the more you get out more often you’re likely to do it again!! So It will be totally worth it!!

On this outing, I’m going to call it my first bitter walk Of the season…I had to jog alittle because it was that cold, I don’t like being cold but once I got going it was great!! There was no snow on the ground so I wore my running shoes…


 Here are some layering tips,,,

you should have a wicking layer, middle layer and outer layer….it’s so important!! I feel like

  1. wicking layer: like synthetic long johns, cotton not being a good choice for wicking layer nor socks choices.. this layer needs to remove moisture from your skin and transfer to the next layer..
  2. A middle layer: light to heavy fleece, wool sweater (I love my fleece sweaters from llbean) this will be your insulation…
  3. An outer layer: protects from elements, preferably waterproof material…
  4. A gaiter can be worn for covering your face…this is especially important to do to protect your lungs and bronchioles…
  5. scarves, hats, mittens or gloves and  boots! And of course a double sock system …. as I found out was really important!!  Lol!

To give you another example of how important layering is check out this link to another post with ducks in it and what we can learn from them 🙂

Cute duck video, How to stay warm this winter!!  

You CAN get out even in the frigid weather!!

You really can enjoy a nice walk even though it’s cold outside….

This is what you may look like…

On this particular day I wore running pants but also my snow pants!! Long sleeve shirt, fleece And LL. Bean exterior shell. Thick socks and running shoes. Gloves, hat and face covering!! Sounds like a lot but so needed!!

Depending on the activity you will be doing you may need to change things up and remove a layer  🙂  that’s why laying is so good!!  If it’s a mild day you don’t have to wear a face covering..but I like to have one available Incase the temp changes, also for myself I seem to always need a layer between my skin and my snow pants but some people don’t. Some active winter gear may have a fleece layer but You may need more warmth like me because I can get really cold, so I like to have a another barrier 🙂


Why it’s So worth it!

Getting outside can bring on great adventures and you will feel so good after…it may take more effort when it’s cold but once your out and about you will enjoy yourself!! Here are some pics from another walk!! It was so beautiful despite the temp…and I wasn’t cold at all!! So just dress for it and you’ll be good to go!!


I hope you can get out and enjoy the outdoors this winter 🙂 Thanks for visiting and following along!! Have a wonderful day!!

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