Wicked Cold Weekend Vibes!!

Brrr we had a very cold three day weekend starting on Friday February 3rd that lasted until almost Sunday!! it was brutal here in Maine with windchills up into the -50’s wowza!! It was -18 with windchills that made it feel like -41 here!! One news blog reported it being some of the coldest weather we would experience in our lifetime!! yikies!! I don’t want to experience anything colder!!  Isn’t that wild??  Well I made sure to dress very warm to take the dog out!! It had been said that even 5 minutes of skin exposure could cause frostbite!!  So we were advised to stay inside when possible 🙂 & we did just that!! The kids went to school but we had to text them or call them when we were approaching the school to pick them up so they didnt wait outside 🙂 & thats what we did!! They didn’t have a school bus that week so gratefully we didn’t have to wait inside our cars? or outside!! 

Heres a short video of the howling winds one evening, while bringing Buddy outside!! 


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& helpful blogs about laying for cold weather 

How to get outside even though it’s wicked cold out!!

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