10 Easy, Delicious & Fun Game Day Food!!

Hola Yall!! It’s that time of year, whether it’s the start of football season or the Super Bowl, it’s time to grab or make your favorite snacks & enjoy the game!! Thought out the years we’ve had fun trying out new recipes & exploring with Plant based ones 🙂 I’ve also loved decorating for it too!! We’ve had some fun super bowls at my house!! How about you?? Do you like quiet & a small crowd or do you like a big crowd & lots of noise like me??  I come from a big family so I love a full house!!

Here are my top 10 favorite snacks:) I’ve included a couple of recipes & links to ones posted on my blog 🙂 Happy Game day!! Also to make a fun backdrop visit the blog & check out how to make a backdrop for 10 Dollars from Dollartree!! Super cute & super fun!! 

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5-Layered Dips

Layered dips, include a vegan option by omitting the sour cream 🙂 add chips, pretzels & veggies for dipping 🙂 


 6-Spinach & Artichoke Dip


7-hummus & 8-Guacamole 

I love Hummus, so yummy!! My favorite is Roasted Red Pepper 🙂 you can make hummus or you can buy it, the same with Guacamole!! 

Heres a recipe to try 🙂 enjoy 
Best Dip Ideas for your Super Bowl Party: Hummus Dip

9- Salsa & Chips!! 

Who can live without these Main staples!! Potato chips is another favorite!! Personally mine is Doritos!! But they should be eaten in moderation which I’m not good at doing so I try not to focus on potato chips or Doritos!! Weird but true!! Lol!! 

10- BBQ Pulled Pork/chicken sandwiches !! 

who doesn’t love Pulled pork, or pulled chicken sandwiches??? 

Hope this is helpful & Have a wonderful time!! 



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