Red Curry shrimp with Vegetables!!

Tonight’s meal was something I’ve never cooked before & surprisingly It came out pretty delicious! I think it was my first time cooking shrimp!! Woo hoo!!

I think I would make a few adjustments to this recipe, it was a tad creamy for me!! Also I swapped out the large shrimp for medium & used the corn, green beans veggies I had on hand!!! Added a few other spices like chili powder, & garlic and it turned out pretty yummy!! I didn’t  have fish sauce on hand, so it was omitted tonight too but it came out good anyway  🙂

This is the recipe I used, but when I come up with an altered one I’ll be sure to post here for you 🙂 it’s been very busy around our household, so once I’m able to get back to writing and sharing recipes again I’ll happily share with you!!

Here’s some of the steps I used to make this

Here’s the recipe I altered alittle and used for this dish, and served with – garlicky jasmine rice!! 

So if you’re looking for a yummy recipe to try, this one is pretty good 🙂

Thanks for visiting 🙂 have a wonderful day .) Happy cooking 🙂 Hope you’re well!!

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