Why love Old Orchard Beach, lovely beach day!!

Old orchard beach!! I know it’s off season at any of our Beaches in Maine but it’s always Beach season for Mainers!! Even for me, someone who’s lived here for over 20 yrs now!! So during these warm summer like days we’ve headed to the beach!! It helps your dad is staying nearby!!
I absolutely love the ocean, the calm of the sea!! I love to feel the ocean air, the salty mist and watching the crashing waves!! I also love watching my boys fish and my daughter play in the sand!!
I’ve also found a lovely place to take pics!!

Beach Scapes, Old Orchard beach!!
If you live in Maine, why not take a stroll, sit and relax at the beach!! It’s a wonderful place to take a breather!! We need breaks today, you’re probably like most of us cooped up in the house & maybe alittle anxious at times!! One day we decided to take our walk there.. I think it was a Mile!! 😆 maybe.. picking up shells and unique rocks maybe less!! Either way it was awesome!!?

So hope you liked these sea scapes!! I know If you can Personally visit you’ll enjoy it abit more!! Hope you’re well & enjoying this time with your family!! Thanks for visiting 🙂

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