Why Camping is amazing & Beautiful pictures of the lake!!

Camp setup!!

Camping is a wonderful time to enjoy nature, sometimes a body of water like the lake and always quality time as a family!! And don’t forget the amazing scenery, especially here in Maine!! So here’s a view Of our unforgettable trip & short video at the end!! Enjoy!!

I’ll always try to  focus on these things, so that for years after we will continue to enjoy those wonderful things!! Right?? Right!! Because camping has its challenges but the pluses always outweigh the effort!! 

This fall we enjoyed camping on a remote island called Metallek island on Richardson lake!! It is a small wooded island with two campsites and a very rustic cabin!! We rented both sites so we had the entire island for an entire week, This maybe a once in a lifetime thing!! Don’t know but we’ll take it!! This year due to COVID 19 the cabin wasn’t being rented either!  It was an amazing experience!! We stayed in our wall tent with  a small wood stove to keep us warm on cold days and nights!! We absolutely loved it!!

Enjoying nature

What A wonderful time we enjoyed in nature!! We enjoyed the breathtaking scenery especially the magical sunsets and gazing at the sky full of stars at night!! We enjoyed the serene view of the lake, and the trees and foliage all around us!!

We Enjoyed the Lake immensely!! We enjoyed so much Taking boat rides, enjoying our beach days and just the ability to look out and view the water!! Eagles!! We loved watching the eagles and the loons!!
We enjoyed watching our dog Bruno relax and at the same time try to make friends with squirrels and birds!! Ok he tried to catch them!! But he had fun doing it!! My husband made a raft out of wood he cut!! The kids loved it!!

Family time

The best part of camping is spending time as a family!! Away from the hustle and bustle!! We enjoyed watching movies, roasting s’mores, beach days, swimming and just hanging out!!

Did I mention we had super yummy meals too!! Ummmmm!!! We love camp food!! I made camp fire cooked chicken again..  wow!! It came out delicious!!

I hope you enjoyed this adventure, and inspired you to get our and enjoy the fresh air & nature even for a little while!!

Thanks for visiting!! Have a wonderful day!!



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