How I set up a Quarantine suite, & what I learned about coronavirus testing!!

What do you do when your father needs to stay with you for two months and it happens to be during a pandemic??  Here’s what I found out!! Funny that many of these things we’ve never dealt with before!! So Maybe it can help you too if you will be dealing with something similar 🙂

Today was a super busy day, coronavirus testing included!!

Quarantine tiny home
Bruno is the mascot here!! The trailer is not complete but isn’t it looking good?

First things first!! Well you Would set up a quarantine suite because not only is he from out of state but he’s from Washington State, an area with large amounts of Coronavirus cases!! We have a trailer we had converted into a tiny home!! It’s a work in progress!! So setting up a place for youre visitor is crucial!! If you have a camper/trailer or Rv that would be ideal!! Or if you live in a mild climate a large tent or wall tent would be perfect!! All you need is a bathroom, shower and place to cook!! If you have a wall tent, just move furniture needed into it, such as as porta potty, Small refrigerator, bed and things like that 🙂 you could set up an outdoor shower. It would be wonderful and an amazing experience for them if you live in the country!!

Next is the need to make sure he’s/she is complying with the state of Maine or whatever state they are visiting!! visitors have Covid-19 requirements!!  So that means I’m Maine  it’s either“know before you go”,  which means out of staters should be tested beforehand and enter Maine with a negative test result. Or get tested upon arrival and quarantine till results come in. Interestingly I found out after talking with urgent care nurse, it would be best to be tested also after 3 days because the person traveling could have unknowing been exposed in route!! Hmm!! Good to know!! So that’s what we’ll do!!

The best place to get tested are testing sites because they do not require a charge for visiting a doctor! Urgent care can give tests however you will be charged a copay or need to pay out of pocket depending on insurance policy because you’re visiting a doctor!!

We went to a CVS nearby!! The other piece of helpful info is if you know you need a test, schedule it in advance as space is limited and many people are being tested!! 


interestingly, testing is done by you!! It’s a self swab!! Cvs does a wonderful job in instructing you what to do and how to safely place viles in proper bin, all in a contactless way!! They even provide a wipe to disinfect the box your putting it into, located  outside their drive up window!!

My father is not showing any signs, so hopefully he will test negative!! I will get tested in 3 days just in case. Traveling is a high risk activity and so is picking up someone who has traveled!! The safest place In the car I learned when you  pick up passengers is the backseat!! So that’s where he rode 🙂 it’s sad that we need to think of all these things on top of  wearing masks.

So despite this bump in our visiting with Dad, we are having a wonderful time 🙂 I think he likes his quarantine home away from home!! Thanks to ikea for cabinets and hubby for installing them!! It looks cute!!

Hope everyone out there is safe & sound during this Pandemic!! Have a wonderful day 🙂



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