What a Good boy Bruno, special treat at Starbucks!!

Aww I’m so proud of this guy!! He’s still needs a ways to go in his training & I’m so excited that we will be taking an agility class together in March! But on this day I was a proud fur momma!!

For alittle information about this rascal, He’s learning to be social, but im also learning to overcome my anxiety with him & his bad behavior! But I’m so exited he’s doing much better in the car! He’s doing so good that a gal at Starbucks noticed!! Thanks Jamie!! She gave him, what I believe she said was a pup cup!!

Pup cup!

What is a pup cup?? Well it’s a small cup or kids cup filled with whipped cream!!

Bruno loved his treat

Bruno loved his Pup Cup!! Isn’t he so cute eating it here??

So normally Bruno is barking nervously at the person at the window from the back of our highlander but on this day he was just whining like wanting to say hello!! Aww!! He was noticed 🙂 I was so proud!!


So recently I’ve learned that Bruno is part blood hound, and lab mix!! So investigating his breed I found out that they can be very stubborn! Unfortunately he’s done some pretty rebellious things like run into the road even with his invisible fence collar on, just to greet another dog & almost got eaten & he’s done some other things too! So I took a class based on rewards & treats which is great!! It works sorta but with him he’s so determined that he will do what he thinks he should do like bark crazily at people in the car!! So I have reverted to his e collar in the car! I don’t have to shock him! I just give him a warning & a vibration sound/feeling 🙂 the amazing thing is it works!! We used it at the beginning of his training but he was too young but he knows what it does & now will behave for me!! He’s 100 percent better in the car!! Yay!!?

This E collar is listed under average customer liked item 🙂 I have older dog care version with a large orange button in the middle! I havent accidently pressed on it but this one has a lock feature so you cant accidently press it!! Very cool!!

This one reaches 3/4 of a mile!! Wowza!! My dog is not usually that far away but would be good if you’re into hunting or activities where youre dog could be that far away from you!

So happy training & adventures with your fur friend!! And real friends & family too!! 💗💗

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