Gorgeous views along the lake, jogging inspiration!!

Isn’t it true we need inspiration at this time of year to get outside & get our exercise in?? I know I need it!! I have been struggling with the change in cold weather, it seemed to come so quickly. So here’s some inspirational pics for you!

I have found inspiration also on facebook!! I enjoy following the Facebook group for runners!! I love seeing pics of where people run, their faces, their mileage & progress & for some the food they eat after!! Yumm!!

So Here are some pictures of my jog/walk along the lake. What beautiful views…this was before the snow fell the other day!! It was sunny on this day, and I loved just soaking it in while walking the last 1/2 mile of our trek!!

Lovely view of the lake!

I’m really enjoying taking Bruno out with me!! I think he likes it too!!

Isn’t he so adorable!! I think he’s so handsome!! 😆 he’s learning to be a great companion too, he seems to want to greet others & pull towards them which he needs to stop doing!! 😆 he’s in training 🙂

I hope you can get out and move your body, enjoy the fresh air & enjoy the sights too!! Layer up for warm & peel off if you need to!!

Thanks for visiting, have a wonderful day 🙂 I’ll be posting some cute dog posts soon! I’ve been proud of my dog lately, I’ll tell you why on my next post 🙂

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