Wonderful Jog in the rain as Elsa came thru Maine!!

Good evening friends, hope everyone had a wonderful & relaxing rainy day!! wowza Elsa came by here but thankfully we just got lots of rain and just alittle bit of wind here in Maine!! Hope you were safe!!

But because we needed to get outside since we’ve been relaxing all week we had to get out! So outside we went, a quick 1 Mile jog, it felt oh so nice to get our bodies moving!! My kiddos may not agree but I think they loved it too!!

Here’s a short video of Elsa’s remnants!! Sound on 🙂

I love my friend Soylas positive attitude, enjoy every day!! Rain or shine!! love that lady!! She says she doesn’t have a negative thought!! If it rains it’s a great day, If it’s sunny it a great day!! Love it!! 💗

Hope you can keep positive during this crazy pandemic time!! Hugs from afar!! Have a great one!!

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