Touch-me-nots inspiration!!

Wowza!! How is everyone!! I’ve been so busy I haven’t posted in a while but I have lots to post about!! So hopefully soon I can share some more gems from our Acadia trip & food & nature inspiration with you!! Hope everyone is well!!

Today’s inspiration, after a much needed jog I noticed these sweet little flowers!! So pretty!! This is a small wildflower found along places like moist ditches!! (Interesting) They’re called Touch-me-nots! Aka Jewel weed, spotted weed!! You never know what you’ll find & inspire you on your walks and adventures!!

What I learned today is slow down & look around for the beauty in everything!! It’s so easy to be caught up in the grind but also the stress & being busy in our life!! But go ahead, take a walk, jog or run!! Find balance in your thinking and control the cloudy mind!! It feels to nice in the end, & It’s so worth it!! It’s also a great time to give time to yourself!!

So Happy trails friends, hope everyone had a great day!! 😘😘

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    • Hello Cool Esse!! Thanks for the tip about the pods!! It was great! My kids loved it too!! It scared me alittle because they shoot out so quickly once you touch them!! But it was super cool!! Thanks again!!

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