What a Chilly & delightful lovely walk today!!

It was a chilly day outside & inside yesterday!! Here’s a picture of our outdoor journey!! It was a blustery 40 when we started on our walk, but it was about 33 degrees earlier, my house didn’t get past 65!! Brrr!!
Turns out something happened to our furnace, but this evening we’re warm and I’m enjoying 70 Degree weather inside 🙂  yay!!

On this walk, we brought along our Bruno!! He’s always abit nervous to leave the yard! He had a bad experience, I accidentally left his electric collar and got him out of the yard! Oops!! He repeatedly got shocked on his way out the yard and when he came home!! Oops! He had acted strangely on that occasion!! He even sat in the road about 1/4 before we got home refusing to move.. poor thing!! He just layed down on the road!! Sorry Bruno…. But today I reassured him he didn’t have the collar on. Poor fella!! He believed me after a few nudges 🙂 

We had a lovely outing & loved the coolness of our day 🙂 it’s always nice to get out for a walk 🙂

Thanks for visiting, have a wonderful day 🙂 😘😘





Im a mother, blogger and have come to enjoy the wonderful outdoors living in Maine for over 20 yrs!! Its been a whirlwind of change and never ending projects at our homes that helped me see the need to be physically active and work towards healthy eating, and a balanced mind!! My passion in life is inspiring others to make good changes, besides getting out and exercising what has helped me is the bible and its message of hope :) My Blog is all about the many projects in life we have, the good eats-food (vegetarian, and vegan included) that im cooking up in the kitchen, and the gorgeous nature inspiration: all of which helps me feel happy!! I love sharing with you!! follow along & be inspired!!

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