Miles & Miles, first part of our road trip from Maine to New Mexico

Oh what fun it was on our Road Trip, this post is about our stretch from Maine to Albuquerque, New Mexico!!

Wowza it was quite a whirlwind of a ride, sometimes even riding thru the night!! I still can’t believe we drove 2,3445 miles to begin our road trip!! of course we stopped for Gas, and to rest alitte!!  You see as I mentioned on my precious post about this trip, we were on our way after having our breakfast on Thursday!! We were off & drove to Albuquerque, New Mexico as our first major stop..arriving Saturday!! No wonder I was tired!! hahaha!! The hubby too!! The kids however could sleep throughout the day, unlike me!!



On our drive we crossed many state lines, which included Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas until we arrived at New Mexico!! It was where we stopped first then off to Arizona!! & what a road trip it turned out to be, we drove over 9000 miles!! Whaaat!!! 

Some interesting places I noted along the path, that I thought was kinda cute was Lover, Pennsylvania!! hmmm.. kinda cute!!  Pocahontas? not sure what state that was in, but I saw a sign for it and another place I thought was kinda cute was Bourbon, Indiana!!  I love the flavor of Bourbon!! Yummy!!

We saw so much of the countryside, and loved seeing the water towers, signs that demonstrated faith, windmills, haystacks, and rolling hills, also rivers & bridges!! All so pretty!! We didn’t realize that we wouldn’t see much green afterward which was kinda funny!! 

Buddy is our Australian labradoodle!! He loved traveling 🙂 I think if he could, he would love to drive!! Hahaha!! We got a kick out of how much he loved looking out the window!! He even wanted to sit on the driver!! Of course, we didn’t allow that!! 

What do you think of some of the pics in the gallery?? Those were some of the places we drove thru!! It was a prelude to even more spectacular places we would visit!! Stay tuned for Canyon de Chelley in Arizona!! 

Check out some helpful items on my Amazon storefront under road trip rv essentials!! We especially loved not having to dump as often as we did last year by using sanitary napkin holder & bags for waste!! I truly didn’t appreciate the thought until we were traveling 🙂

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