Girls night Pink themed Hard Cider tasting Party!!

Hard Apple cider tasting +Girls night!! So much fun!! & my backdrop color & decorations were hot Pink!! So pretty!! 

Pink!! The new favorite color of the season which I’m so excited about…largely due to the ever so popular, “Barbie” movie, has always been my favorite color!! & another favorite of mine is Hard Apple Cider!! Yumm!! So why not put both things together & have a Fabulous Girls night that includes both things 🙂 yeeessss!! Btw we went to see the Barbie movie monday & we absolutely loved it!! My daughter is still singing some of the songs in it!! Hope you enjoyed it too!! So on this post I’ll tell you all about our girls night & hope it helps you with yours!! 

Hard Apple Cider

What is your favorite cider?? There are so many to choose from!! I love Angry Orchard!! Do you?? Do you have any local cider houses in your area?? We have one near us called, Ricker Hill & so many others, but for this party we used Ricker Hill for our tasting!! & downeast was included for our additional beverages!! We had 4 flavors for our tasting!!  Blueberry, Maniac Mac, Carmel Apple & Pumpkin flavors!! All were delicious, but the Favorite was the Maniac Mac!! We had sample cups & everyone chose their favorite to least favorite 🙂 I also had disposable wine glasses available for my guests to serve themselves 🙂 fun!!

So I got the idea because just like you can go wine tasting, you can also go cider tasting 🙂 When we visited New York we visited Angry Orchard & sampled their cider that was so much fun!!  So just like you can get samples at a Cider House  why not have something similar at home & invite the girls 🙂 Often at cider houses like Ricker hill, the only food option available is popcorn! I like popcorn but it’s nice to have a meal with a drink!! So that’s how I came up with the idea 🙂 

My friend & I picked up a 2 Flagons each at the Tasting Room 🙂  we had fun sampling a few to come up with the Flagons We chose to bring home & offer the ladies 🙂  A flagon is 64 oz glass bottle 🙂 


Dinner consisted of Chicken, Rice, beans, taco shells, a friend made homemade bbq meatballs, another tuna casserole, hummus, veggie platter, & fruit& cheese platter!! I made chocolate dipped strawberries for dessert & other friends brought brownies, & cookies!! It was a fun night of cider, a yummy dinner & yummy desserts & a fire!! So relaxing 😉  it’s fun to hang with just the girls 🙂 I was so busy I didn’t even take a picture of our meal 🙂 but it was very yummy!! 

Pink Backdrop

My backdrop for pictures was a pink ombré balloon wall!! It looked amazing inside, sadly when I brought it outside it was alittle too hot & some of the balloons popped!! Whoops, now I know… leave it inside or put it in the shade!! But it still looked cute!! Oh well!  It was still a fun part of the party!!  

My rustic pallets tables were placed in a line so we had one large table for all of us to eat on!! They had hot pink sequin table runners on them, they were placed in the middle to create one large continuous table!! I purchased them on Amazon 🙂 I was pretty pleased with how it came out, it  looked so fun!! I purchased pink flowers from dollar tree & put it in a vase, & included a hanging banner that read, Girls just want to have fun!! The banner & the hot pink balloons were also from Amazon, but the hot pink table cover was from Hobby Lobby!! I purchased a large roll of hot pink table cover material & cut it to size 🙂 

So if you’re planning a fun get together with your friends, maybe adding hard Apple cider tasting to your party to make it alittle more fun!! 

check out some of the items featured on this post & video on my Amazon page 🙂 thanks in advance 🙂

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