5 Graduation Party, Fabulous & Fun Party ideas!!


So your child has successful gone thru middle school, high school or college & isn’t it so exciting?? It’s also a time filled with so many emotions!! My friend mentioned this to me the other day… it’s a rollercoaster kinda time so hang in there!! It’s also a wonderful time to celebrate all that your student has accomplished throughout the years!!

So celebrating with a graduation party it is!! Here are a few graduation party tips to make yours a fabulous one!! My son graduated from Middle school so we had a graduation party for him!! Here’s see things that helped me 😉

First of all pick out your venue, guest list, food & decorations!! Then here are a few suggestions that I’ve personally  implemented, that also makes for a fun & memorable occasion 🙂



Pictures of your graduate is very important!!  You can also use a twine & wooden clothes pins to hang pictures! 

Can you display pictures of your child throughout the school years including those cute preschool ones?? You can & it will be so cute to see the progression of how they have grown!! You can also use pictures frames & line them up on a table 🙂 

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Create a collage, make your own or use a variety of platforms like Piccollage, & Canva that can be printed using Walmart.com, and Shutterfly.

2-Lawn signs



Love this idea!! Post lawn signs for your graduation party & balloons!! 



3-Cake/Cupcakes  display

Create a beautiful table for your cupcake/cake display!! Incorporate their graduation year in cake topper or cupcake topper!!



Add a backdrop for the cake table!! I love the light up feature to this garland!! So festive & fun!!


4-Photo booth backdrop

I absolutely love making photo booths!! This is different from your cake table backdrop because it can be as unique as your graduate!! Have fun with it!! Tip* With all your decorating pieces try to be creative but also cohesive to your theme and choice of colors!! So be unique but at the same time try to make sure everything works together 🙂 It can be as easy as using the same colored balloons throught your decorating!!



I love the backdrops that can be purchased at Amazon for graduation like…. but add alittle something, like props to make your photo booth alitte more fun!! 🙂


5. Food , Music & Fashion


Food is important!! Often people say they don’t really care what’s being served when they go to a party   but it so important in my book!!  So as long as you serve a protein, a carb, vegetable & if you’re able a couple to choose from 🙂 go ahead 🙂

Keep in mind social distancing guidelines & pandemic protocol for handling and managing food! packaging items and using containers and single serving items are important 🙂 




If you can get help that’s wonderful but it is pretty easy to serve 25 people or so!! The trick is to have a balanced meal!! When I have a big gathering I almost always serve mexican rice and pinto beans alongside a meat dish!! And veggies!! If your not into rice or beans come up with a starch like pasta and maybe a baked bean. A plain rice, jasmine rice or pilaf would work too instead of Mexican rice 🙂 throw in pizza, hot dogs and hamburgers & your party will be a hit!! Veggies can be any kind including salad 🙂


Crockpots!! I absolutely love using crockpots to cook in and keep food hot!!


What’s a party without Music!! Set the tone for your Party with a fun playlist!! Then relax & let the good times roll!! Play music that will make your guests tap their feet, but not too wild or loud but fun!!

Graduation Paper goods

Yes and lastly I love all those cute Graduation paper goods!! Purchase a few to make your tables look cute! Spread them out, give guests regular paper plates and cups if you want!! This in an expensive ways to make your party stand out!! *Another tip: buy a Cute outfit!! As the host of the party, it is essential to wear a cute outfit!! It not only helps you remember to do something for yourself but youll look cute in pictures too!! 🙂

Ive picked out a black romper for our party 🙂

Hope you found this post helpful & Have a wonderful party!! Have a wonderful day & Thanks for visiting 🙂


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