Thrilled to plant Zinnia’s, & welcome to my sons Corn field!!

Hey y’all!! How are you doing?? Hope you are all well!! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted about what we’ve been up too!! It’s been wildly busy, but I’m so excited about our latest farming & gardening endeavors!! I’ll share the details on this post!!


This year I’ve decided to add annuals to my garden!! I’ve bought annuals before and this year I’ve actually bought a few to put in planters!! My daughter fell in love with a black type flower!! So we buy them but I couldn’t bear to spend 10 dollars for a small amount of zinnias thay will just die!! The difference between Annuals & Perennials is that annuals do not return the following year, so often its an investment to buy perineals!! But annuals are so beautiful and can add instant color, So I started my own from seed!! I’m so excited!!

I’m so excited, & so amazed at how a small seed can miraculously grow like it does & produce fruit, vegetables or flowers!!

Corn field

Our Corn field/Garden is 20 by 20 feet long!! We had to prepare the are by tilling the soil, then adding fertilizer & compost! Tip*If you want to start your own and don’t have a rotatiller, you can rent one like we did!!

We’re hoping to have a nice harvest & beautiful flowers too!! If you’re planting a garden, I hope we all have a successful one!! Thanks for visiting, Have a wonderful day!!

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