Relaxing 4 Mile Walk, PJ & Rice Crispy treat day!!

Today was a very exciting day for us!! Not only was it PJ day & snack day for my daughters school [virtually) but also we accomplished walking 4 miles along the lake and enjoyed beautiful sights!! Big hurray!! Also today’s post will feature an easy regular rice crispy treat recipe adapted to be more plant based and ways to make it vegan!  Yummy!

Rice Crispy snack


At my daughters request I made her favorite for her snack day while she was wearing her  pjs & bath robe!! Here’s how I made it..with Information to make it vegan 🙂 I wished we could have share our treat with the class but because it was a virtual meeting that was impossible!! Boo.

adapted recipe from Malt oMeal crispy rice cereal box 🙂

1/4 cup butter or Margarine, we used Country Crock

1 10 Oz package marshmallows, or 4 cups

*for a vegan marshmallow: use Dandies-vegan. Trader Joes-Vegan. What makes these vegan is that it doesn’t contain gelatin 🙂 a substance created by boiling bones, skin and connective tissues. Some brands contain eggs 🙂

6 1/2 cups Crispy rice cereal

*For Vegan you can use Veganic Sprouted Brown Rice  or cacao crisps 🙂 Nature’s Path Organic Crispy Cereal, Arrowhead Puffed Rice cereal, Erewhon Crispy Brown Rice-gluten free

1 tsp vanilla

In a 2 quart saucepan, melt butter and marshmallows over low heat until disolved, stir occasionally! Remove from heat, blend in vanilla. In a large bowl add marshmallow/ butter mixture to cereal. Stir until mixed. Spread into a greased 13X9 inch pan. Cool completely cut into bars!!

This is a super easy recipe! Great for an easy treat for yourself, the kids or the family!  If you try it, enjoy!!

4 mile journey


Today was so exciting to finish the entire trail along the lake today!  It was awesome to explore the other side of the mile marker we normally walk to! 🙂 It was gorgeous and so satisfying! 4 miles today, and it seemed so easy! Yay!!

Here is why it seemed easy and so calming!!  We normally walk 2.4 miles with many steep hills in the beautiful countryside but it’s along the road with passing cars. I love this walk too but The walk along the lake is so calming, mostly flat and is a path for walkers, and bikers and used for winter sports 🙂 I absolutely love it here too, it’s so beautiful along the lake! So hopefully we can do the entire trail again soon!! It’s 2 miles up and 2 back!

I hope you had a wonderful day!! It is alittle more effort to get out and exercise or even take a short walk but it’s so worth it!! Hope you are enjoying your excursions!! If you need a simple and fairly inexpensive treat for yourself or your kiddos I hope you can try Rice Crispy treats! They will love it!!  If your vegan, well purchase vegan ingredients and wallaaa!

My next post will show more pics along the beautiful  lakeside trail 🙂

Thanks for visiting 🙂 hope your staying safe & healthy!!


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