A fast, Yummy, healthy & affordable Baked Bean & Garlic Mashed Potato Meal!

Have you noticed how tiring it can be to always make meals from scratch!! Here’s a menu idea that is simple and affordable!! Make it vegan like I didn’t here are some ideas to try!

Yummy!! How can opening a can of baked beans, adding water, milk and seasonings to mashed potatoes, adding a green salad taste so good?? Put it all together &  waalllaaa!!  I’ll give you a few tips to make the mashed potatoes a little yummier and lower the fat amounts too!! Enjoy!!

You probably noticed that there’s no meat here, if you prefer add a piece of chicken, beef or fish to your plate! However beans and potatoes make a complete meal in itself!! Yay!!


Baked beans:

We love Busch’s baked beans; Maple & Cured bacon& the one with onions! Delicious!!

Make it vegetarian by choosing the B&M beans!!



Mashed Potatoes:



  • Use instant potatoes for fast mashed potatoes!
  • I’ve made the mashed potatoes plant based by substituting the milk with a almond/coconut milk!!
  • Also I  made the entire instant mashed potato box, added 2 1/2 tsp garlic powder, sprinkle with black pepper25B49FE4-3D04-4657-9CF6-9696F5E95F8B
  • Make it low fat by leaving out the  butter! Yummy!


Simple, affordable and delicious!! This meal can also be a low fat, vegetarian/ vegan for those on a plant based diet!!

Thanks for visiting! Have a wonderful day!! 😘😘


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