1/2 Vegan, 1/2 Pepperoni Pizza & Door project Day!

Good evening, today was a busy day working on prepping to finally seal our interior doors with Lacquer! For dinner tonight we had a 1/2 vegan 1/2 pepperoni pizza!! Does kind of pizza Sound alittle crazy? It really isn’t, but it can easily be accomplished either at home or even if you order take out!!  Here’s how!!

You can order any pizza at dominoes without cheese and request half pepperoni!! It may not be totally vegan because I believe they put alittle garlic butter on the crust but it’s close!! I order this all the time or you can make your own at Home…it’s super easy and semi homemade!!


It just takes a ball of store bought dough, pizza sauce, pepperoni, mozzarella cheese for one side… and for the other same sauce, same dough, but add your own plant based cheese ( I used Dailya; Mozzarella, and any veggies you choose. I chose spinach and onions! I also added the onion to the entire pizza!! Super delicious!! Just stretch out the dough, spread the sauce..add your cheese to each side then add your  topping!! Put in the oven at 475 for 10-12 mins and walllaaa!

You can also make your own homemade pizza dough! Bobby flay has a wonderful recipe I have tried that you can get online!! I have also used a jar of pasta sauce if you can’t find pizza sauce in your pantry! There are also some great homemade recipes out there I’m sure but I haven’t made my own yet!!

What do you think? Wonderful right!! Yummy!!


So after a busy day, we have apx 12 doors standing on our lawn waiting for the lacquer tomorrow!! Such a cool way to do all your doors!!  We used strapping to screw the doors to and stood them up like cards! It is So exciting that  we’ll also be able to use the main restroom again soon too!! We have the small master bath available for now!! It feels weird not having our doors up in the house!! Lol!

We will be using a paint sprayer to lacquer our interior doors, thankfully our friend has allowed us to borrow his !! There’s alittle more prepping involved but will be easier to do!!  It’s only A year later but it’s better late than never!! Here’s Bruno modeling our project for you!! He’s so handsome!! Anyway hoping we can get everything done tomorrow!


Thanks for visiting, have a wonderful day!! Hope your staying safe and healthy!! Please remember to practice social distancing 6 ft and wear a mask for your safety and your loved ones 🙂


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