Lovely foggy day & the Light was on at the Lighthouse!! My stress relief :)

Today was such a lovely day, a muggy 51 degrees, but it felt really nice considering it seemed like winter just the other day!! Lol!! I hope everyone enjoyed it!!

One of the most special moments I had today was at my favorite lighthouse in Cape Elizabeth Maine, Portland Headlight!! My sweet hubby brought me to unwind, he really knows me… after a stressful week he was very kind… thanks hun!! So while he stayed to tend to my tired daughter, my son and I took a short walk and enjoyed the beautiful foggy views!! Hope you like it too!!


Another special feature of the lighthouse today was that the light was on, probably due to the fog!! This was exciting because I hadn’t seen it on upclose like that, not that I remember anyways!! You will hear that in my short video!…



So sometimes we may have stress and all sorts of things going on but after a nice walk and beautiful views that all melts away….also focusing on the positive and wonderful things in your life this helps put things in perspective, as well as prayer and listening to encouraging and uplifting information… love my trips to Portland & this beautiful place!! Even a good cry can help relieve stress, and talking to a trusted friend!! Hope you find yourself coping with stressful situations…. keep smiling!! Everything will be alright…..

Thanks for reading!! Following along and liking my posts!! 😘😘 Have a wonderful day!!

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