Early spring hike, magnificent views & bird watching at the Summit of Bradbury Mt.

Spring, a time of renewal and rejuvenation!! When ordinary things like leaves, trees and rocks become extraordinary and beautiful,.a time of awakening even for bears and animals that hibernate!! A time for birds to return from thier warm places!

Pictured here is the Hawk Migration count on Bradbury Mountain!! It is Freeport Wild Bird Supply ‘s Bradbury Mountain Raptor Migration Project. It’s in its 12th year counting migratory raptors… The program Started mid March and going on thru mid May….


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My beautiful hike today!!! There were still some icy spots but just going around and walking along the edges at times made it doable! I’m glad it was better this hike than last time where I thought I’d break my neck… just fell a few times… but I was ok…lol!


Hope you have a wonderful day, thanks for visiting and following along 🙂



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