Petco therapy!! a favorite place to visit For kids, pet lovers and pets!! Fun!!

I just have to say…. Petco is so much fun!! If you ever get a chance to go visit the birds, mice, fish, lizards, guinea pigs, and hamsters Just to name a few of the things you can see there, you will love it!! Your kids and your pets will also!

Bruno loves it there!! Here are some pictures of our outting 🙂 isn’t he so funny!!



He tried on a few things!! The hat cracked me up!! 😂 Didn’t find him a bow tie……lol!! Bruno did so awesome today, he was gentle when a little boy wanted to pet him!!! Good boy!!

My daughter fell in love with these guys!! Oh no,, we cant care for another pet at this time… but hopefully one day we can get her a critter 🙂 Apparently she will name him or her sparky!! Lol!!

We had a great time at our local Petco!! We had an hr to spend outside our apt Because we had a showing, Petco Is always fun and Pet friendly!! Glad we came out!! It’s so important to enjoy life and have some fun!!

Thanks for visiting, Reading and following!! Have a wonderful day!!



Im a mother, blogger and have come to enjoy the wonderful outdoors living in Maine for over 20 yrs!! Its been a whirlwind of change and never ending projects at our homes that helped me see the need to be physically active and work towards healthy eating, and a balanced mind!! My passion in life is inspiring others to make good changes, besides getting out and exercising what has helped me is the bible and its message of hope :) My Blog is all about the many projects in life we have, the good eats-food (vegetarian, and vegan included) that im cooking up in the kitchen, and the gorgeous nature inspiration: all of which helps me feel happy!! I love sharing with you!! follow along & be inspired!!

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