Loving life on the slopes, snowy day skiing; LostValley Maine!!

Hello friends!! Today’s post is all about skiing!! It’s been years since I’ve gone & today we had an absolutely awesome time at Lost Valley, Auburn Maine!! It was a great ending to our school vacation!!! Woo hoo!!

It’s an amazing feeling to glide down, feeling free skiing down a mountain!! hey it’s ok even though it was the easy trails!! Lol!!

It was my daughters first time, but after a rough first ride she had many more really good runs!! In the end she wanted to go down until it was past the time to return our rentals!! We were only 8 mins late!! Lol!!

My son!! He was abit nervous to go on again but after putting on his skis!! He was off!! Happy as can be!! Run after run, passing us by, on and of the chairlift!! That was awesome to see!! He had taken lessons with the Chadbourne program years ago!! What a wonderful program!! If you can find it in your heart to give to that organization I know the kids and organizers would love it!!

I was So thankful he was able to refresh my memory of the skills since he’s gone skiing a lot more often and more recently than I!! Lol!!

lunch; Chicken Tenders & Veggie burger 

For lunch I recommend ordering online, unfortunately we waited like 45. It could have been just busy on this day but we got so cold & fingers froze!! Brrr!! But it was worth the wait!! The fries were delicious & I enjoyed my veggie burger!! I had a chicken tender the kids shares with me too!! My kids loved theirs!! Yummy!! 

Great ski day!!

So If you’ve not a ski lover yet, because you had a first bad experience dont give up, with tricks and maybe some lessons you’ll do great!! Some things are hard at first but once you get the hang of it, it’s awesome!! Good job bella!! Woo hoo!!

Hope you had a wonderful day, staying safe and enjoying the great outdoors!!

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