Fresh air is always good medicine!!

I am so happy to say today’s post is about how good it feels to be outside, breathing in fresh air and being among the trees and beauty of nature!! Today I did just that, plus I also enjoyed a very short, did i say very short walk!! I can’t stress that enough.. it was like a minute or two…I’ll tell you why after!!  But My favorite part was taking pictures! I always love that part!!

Unfortunately I am over two weeks post surgery and I’m still dealing with some difficulties, which Is hindering my activity and movement….boo hoo!! I know things will get better soon but I just can’t get discouraged! That’s what I’m telling myself!!! So hopefully soon I will be back to my regular routine but for now I’m going to have to consider my limitations and adjust accordingly!! So if your dealing with something ailing you, hope you can keep a positive attitude, something that is so helpful is getting some fresh air !! It’s oh so good for you!! It really is good medicine!!

My adventure outdoors along the lake Today was so beautiful!! It felt so calm after this morning’s rain and wind!! The sun managed to come out which was so nice!!


So Even if you can’t be out for a long time, even 15mins outside is oh so nice!!, says even a walk to the mailbox can do much good for the elderly, or even if you’re in a wheelchair getting outside with planning and the right equipment has good benefits!!! So if it’s good for people with disabilities, It can be good for you too!!  I know It’s always so helpful for me¡!


Hope you can get outside, and if possible take s nice walk/run¡¡! Thanks so much for visiting and following along!! Have a great day,!!


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