Bruno-Doggie love days are the best!!

I can’t tell you how much joy this doggie brings us!! He can be a terror sometimes but he’s oh so sweet and so entertaining to watch!! Dogs really are man’s(womens) best friend!! My kiddos love him too!!


We are constantly finding out about this guy!! Turns out he’s a type of Hunting dog, I’m convinced he’s part Visla but who knows, he sure acts like one anyway!!

One day while taking him out to do his business, look what he stumbled across??  He found a nest of some sort!! There he was with his nose in an opening of a tree and his butt in the air!! lol! Maybe a squirrel nest, we could hear squeaking and little cries.. then Bruno starts digging, I’m glad I didn’t let him continue to find these defenseless critters.. but I was amazed at his reaction to them..

I think Bruno likes being a country dog and encountering new things 🙂 don’t you??

Dog Therapy!!

I really think dogs are so wonderful for so many reasons!! For instance, Bruno is so therapeutic when he loves on you, when he senses your not well or when you feel like loving on him!! He makes everything seem better…He’s such a good boy!! He just loves to snuggle too! I love that about him!!

He also thinks he’s a lap dog!!

So if you don’t have a dog of your own, here are pics of my handsome Bruno to make you smile!!  Isn’t he so cute!! Thanks for Visiting, have a wonderful day!!

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