Our woods;Picnic & Bruno




We had a wonderful day, despite Bruno not feeling that great tonight!! Worked alittle on our country-like Home remodel! We currently live downtown but we are going to move out of the city and to the outskirts of town… it’s always great to see my kids get fresh air and have more room to play.. , so this rascal and the kids played hard today!! They played in the dirt, played Frisbee, took a walk in the woods and ran all around the yard!! They had so much fun!!

It was such a beautiful summer like day today in Maine too!! It felt oh so wonderful to be outdoors!! I loved just sitting and taking in the sun!! we even had an impromtu picnic!! My favorite go to meal for an easy meal is a bucket of fried chicken, potato salad, bagged salad and balsamic dressing!! Delicious and so easy, better tasting than fast food and healthier too!!  So much Fun to eat outdoors!! I really think the fresh air and sun makes whatever your eating taste better!! Yummy!!

Bruno, our handsome chocolate lab had alittle too much fun though and possibly made himself sick..I think it was a combination of  drinking water from the pond and eating dirt!! He was was even whinning alittle tonight, poor fella but after drinking our much cleaner tap water, he’s sleeping!! I have not researched the effects of dogs eating dirt but it probably isn’t healthy!! So be careful not only to watch your kiddos but also your beloved pets!! This is actually Bruno’s second encounter with eating something he isn’t supposed to!! At the beginning of the week he got ahold of a small tube of superglue, and scared me and the kiddos because he had punctured it by the time I caught him!! After calling the vet and poison control we were all fine! Apparently it is not toxic… my husband told us to feed him so maybe he’d throw up, which he didn’t. We gave him lots of water to keep his mouth lubricated and hopefully get rid of the glue!! It was a scary sight because he looked like he was foaming at the mouth, i think he was trying to unstick his mouth so much he was producing  more saliva or something..not sure but we removed most of the dry excess off his teeth and lips!! Poor Bruno!! He was fine then and  I think he will be fine tonight!! He sure gets into a lot of trouble doesn’t he!! Lol!! I’d love to hear your doggie stories, and what has worked for you if this has happened to you!! Please leave a comment 🙂 thank you for following and liking my blog 🌸👍🏾👍🏾🌷

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