Dont trust your pets while cooking!! 😂

I A8CE2D23-0190-4ECD-9C5E-FD3E5FB61CCF.jpegI absolutely love my constant companion!! He’s brown, barks and can be rough around the edges at times, hes our beloved pup Bruno!! He’s about 6 months old now!! Time flew by and boy did he grew fast!!  Doesn’t he look so cute and innocent, well let me tell ya.. hes been a bad boy!! Here’s the scoop as to why you have to becareful with your pets while cooking!! They can be sneaky..

But first let me tell you how sweet he is!! I love that Dogs are known to be mans best friend!! They really are!! I think its so cute when bruno follows me around the house when I’m doing housework, its as if he wants to help !  Sometimes when I’m taking out the wet laundry to put in the dryer he looks up with his cute little eyes and has this  look on his face, like saying what are you doing, can i help?  Sometimes he even takes a sock or a sweater or even an underwear and runs off.. he loves to chew on lots of!!  So if you come visit and I dont know beforehand you may see a messy home because of his playfulness!! It seems like a full time job picking up after him.. lol.. but i dont mind!! Even though He seems like a two year old literally!! Lol!! But he also melts my heart when he will lay at my feet when I’m getting ready in mornings or I’m the bathroom doing housework on something.. he seems to want to just be near me. I’m telling you he’d be a great therapy dog!! He’s very thoughtful and sweet!!

But i must say he gets into a lot of trouble!! He’s still getting trained to go bathroom outside and I’m pretty proud to say hes having less accidents in the house!!!! Yay!! But this week has done the most shocking of things that hes done so far!! Ok maybe the super glue incident was worse!! Me and the kids thought he was going to die then, but he lived with minor injuries!! Well this time i swear I haven’t yelled so loudly!! I was in shock, he totally surprised this time!! The last dog we had, named Pedro would get to food we happened to accidently leave on the stove, Usually it was done when we weren’t in sight but Bruno is so different!!

So here’s what happened..I’m preparing a meal that I’m hoping to blog about, its a New England old fashioned corned beef boiled dinner!! I have my veggies in the pot but the corned beef i had left out on the counter on a cutting board. So my daughter needs help with her homework, so i go in the room to help her unaware bruno is in the kitchen!! So when i finish helping her i go in the kitchen to cut up the corned beef and all i see is Bruno’s ears are down walking towards me.. and i look ant THE CORNED BEEF IS hanging Halfway off the counter still on the cutting board!!! I couldn’t believe it, hence the shock and terror in my voice!!  My husband asks if everything’s was ok, and my Son thought maybe bruno had used the restroom inside or something!! But NO he tried to eat part of our dinner!! The MAIN part actually!! I couldn’t believe my eyes… this sweeet adorable dog did this while were practically right there!!  So lesson learned dont leave bruno with food laying around!! He will try to get to it!!

Anyways i dont know exactly what happened and didn’t see his jowls on the meat so i used it!! I know for some that’s kinda gross but the meal was o so delicious despite the commotion in the kitchen!! Lol!! And Bruno didn’t get shipped back  to the shelter..just kidding.. but he was sent to his kennel!! I must assure you when i cook for friends which i do a lot of, i make sure to put him in his kennel while i am cooking!! I am assured his  hair will not get on food so i make sure to put him in there but now i know he needs to be totally out of the kitchen when I’m making dinner too!! Let me also assure this will never ever happen again!! Lol!!

Stay tuned for my firsts recipe blog, entitled  New England boiled dinner…its going to have alittle twist to it, adapted  to my Mexican palate 🙂



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