How’s your walking going??

Hello friends, so i wrote a post a few weeks ago about getting back into shape.. so i wanted to ask how your walking is going? Have you been able to find a spot where you like to walk? Did you find an app that you found helpful in calculating your steps? Is there something motivating you to set a goal?

Today i walked another mile!! It was so nice here in Maine, alittle breezy but after walking a bit of walking it took the coldness away from me!!

I almost feel like i can run again but I’m not pushing it..i tend to be accident prone it seems like. So for now i must take it easy because i have a plantar plate sprain that I’m recovering from. So today was a nice one mile and i love the feel of a good jog so i did a tiny bit.. just to get a little taste of it. Hope to get back into running soon!!

My motivation is to just to get back out there on a regular basis.. i dont feel like i need to lose weight but i can always tone up!! I’d love a six pack tummy!!i wish!! Lol! That would be nice!! But realistically i just want to have a more regular routine of getting out there…its so good for your mental health!!  I know it helps me de stress!! You can think about and clear your mind of so many things!!  One friend memorizes bible scriptures when she’s running!! You can do the same while walking, I’m sure…. anyways keep up the great work.. let me know how your exercise journey is going.. good luck!!

Here’s a portion of my makeup free self after a nice, sunny walk with bruno!!  Sunglasses cover a lot!!


Ya.. was pretty excited about wearing my running skirt w legging and top!! It still chilly here in maine so a light sweater was a good thing 🙂 have a good one!!


Please leave me your thought goals etc.. love to hear them!! They say you’re more likely to get to it if you share your goals with others!! Feel free!!  -gisel


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