Maine Dandelion Fields..So Beautiful

Fields filled with Dandelions, what a beautiful sight here in Maine!! I just love all the yellow!! Today with the 🌞  sun shining brightly, it was a delight to see rolling hills of pure dandelion pleasure!!

I almost didn’t make it very far on my drive. Lol!. I stopped every little while because the scenery and the dandelions were drawing my attention!! I love Maine´s Picturesque landscapes…

It’s definately worth taking the time to look around and enjoy the sights and like some people say smell the roses and for me today, stop and just enjoy the Dandelions!!


Went for a little walk with my sweet little friends and i was presented with one of my favorite bouquets!! From little hands with lots of love!! A Dandelion bouquet!! My kiddos used to do the same when they were little too. They are in school full-time now but I’m sure if they were with us they would have done the same!! I have a similar picture of my Son giving me a special bouquet like this one!! So sweet!!


Apparently these guys are edible, every part of the Dandelion.. I personally haven’t tried them, ive heard others talking about it and information online says you can eat them. Who know maybe one day ill be adventurous and give it a try!! Lol

Hope you all had a wonderful day too!! Hope my family and friends can come and enjoy the dandelions with me someday too!! Love sharing things like this because i dont remember having fields like this in Washington state… you guys!!  😚

If you can think of it and would love others to enjoy the Dandelions post, please like, want to see more nature type posts more to come, follow along… sign up!! Have a comment, love to hear from you!! Thanks guys..  Have a great day, or night!! Wherever you maybe from!!


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