Snow cones, Nature’s Treat!! Free, Fun & Yummy!

Yummy!! One of the best things about winter for our family is spending time outdoors playing in the snow!! Making snow men, forts, snowball fights, snow angels and so much more!! I especially love watching my son throw himself on snow mounds, and watching the kiddos lay on the ground and try to catch snowflakes with just their mouths!! Winter is so much fun im telling you.. and making this easy and simple treat just adds to the fun! and It is the only, i repeat only time they can eat colored snow…. !  lol

Even your little one can make these snow cones for you, and the family!!

When my kiddos were little, I would make these snowcones for them as a fun treat while we were outside!  Just bring the cups, spoons and juice and they will absolutely enjoy these!!!

What a joy to enjoy the winter season, we love that about Maine!! It lasts about 6 months, might as well enjoy it!! So this is a fun idea for your family!!

My 8 year prepared this for us the other day!!



What you will need…

  1. 1-cup or containers to eat from
  2. 2-snow, white clean snow scooped up from freshly fallen snow… for little ones you may want to monitor this process so they pick from the cleanest places 🙂
  3. juice; any kind but we love grape juice, and orange juice!!
  4. spoons..

1-gather snow into your cup, mounded looks best..


2-gradually add juice until soaked… or to your liking…. and waaallaaaa


Enjoy this delicious treat!! Have a wonderful time with your family! Even if you don’t have kiddos, enjoy!!! Why not enjoy life!! lol!!

Thanks for Reading!!

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