Our Rustic Horse Camp Party complete with crockdogs!! Simple menu idea for your next party!!

Wowza!! I thought the other day was hot, well today was even hotter….it was in the 90’s yesterday!  We were definitely sweating bullets but we had an awesome last day, and even had a party!! Yay!!

Our Party was not only to celebrate our horse camp week together but also to thank our trainer Maurizio! He showed us so much patience and generosity this week… and allowed us to ride and spend time with his beautiful horses!! Huge thank You to him and also his side kicks and helpers Robert, Ava and Jennifer!!

This Party was super simple and included: crockpot hot dogs, potato salad and B&M baked beans, and simple condiments like mustard, ketchup, and bbq sauce!! Complete with a horse shaped Cake, gluten free cake, watermelon, and drinks!! Yummy!! This Menú is a simple and easy way to get together with friends and celebrate whatever occasion!!

I got the table skirt and Balloons from Walmart..and cake pan and balloon garland kit from amazon… link at the bottom of this page…

Crockpot hotdogs!! So simple and delicious

I don’t know who came up with this idea but I absolutely love it!! Even though I personally don’t eat them, they are a favorite for most people and of course you know me….I love making others happy!! I didn’t get to pick up veggie dogs but that’s ok… the beans and potato salad was super yummy!!

To make Crock dogs:

4 hrs on low or 2 hrs on high.., stand them up and waaa laaa!! No water needed.. they will cook in their own juice., another thing you could do if you have room in your pot, add sliced onions… I think this will add flavor… yumm!! Then you can scoop alittle inside your dog…

Potato Salad

For the potato salad I used a simple recipe and it was yummy, it was called picnic potato salad that fed 20… i simply doubled it in case we had more people… I think we had about 19… I will share that recipe on another post! I know it seems like a lot but it’s better to be safe than sorry!! Another thing I learned is that if you’re cutting down on your fat intake, make potato salad with out the mayo.. it already calls for olive oil,  and for more flavor add your favorite balsamic dressing!! Yummy!!

Horse shaped cake:

The gluten free cake was a heart shaped, yellow cake with chocolate fudge frosting… it was delicious!! The horse shaped cake was a marble cake with rainbow chip frosting!  I have to say this is like the best combination!! You’re kiddos will absolutely love it! If I had alittle more time it would have looked alittle more beautiful but it is probably the tastiest combination ever!!  I used a cardboard box wrapped with foil for cake board! I Just traced the cake pan!! It Worked perfectly!!!

Our party was a success!! We had of plenty of food, beautiful scenery and had fun friends!! I just regret not having more time to decorate but it still came out cute!! So it was rústico with alittle bit of color!!


Thanks for following along this week….now on to more adventures!! Hope you’re having a wonderful summer, enjoying the beauty around you and keeping active!!😘😘

To shop this page, make your own horse shaped cake..and garland… 🙂

I bought my foil skirt at Walmart but there’s something similar on amazon

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