Nice Summer day, reflecting on spending time with beautiful horses and beautiful scenery!!

Today’s a great day for me and the kids!!  It feels so awesome to sleep in, pay my bills(always a great feeling), clean house and most Importantly enjoy the sunshine from my amazing view here at home in the woods and spend time with my kids!! I love sitting at my island enjoying the view!!

We’re finally settling in alittle more now that we’ve moved, I’m Loving it! But I have to say I am missing Maurizios Ranch and Horses!! So for today’s inspiration, I will share a few more pics from last weeks horse camp fun!!! My kids and I spend time caring and learning to ride horses in Poland Maine @ the Oakhill Equestrian Center!!

Hope you have an amazing day….enjoy the sun!! Smile!! And remember to get out and enjoy Nature and creation :)….Hope you like these pics!!



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