What are you thankful for??

Hey guys!! What a great question to reflect on!! What are you thankful for? Often when things are not going too great it’s a hard question to ask yourself isn’t it? But the more we practice thankfulness the easier it will be for our brains to be more positive & put aside problems & woes, isn’t it true? So what are you thankful for??

I’m thankful for so many thanks like my faith, family & friends!! Also during this pandemic it’s been a lifesaver to get out into nature to escape my house & for sanity!! Maine is not only beautiful & filled with an abundance of nature’s beauty but it is safe!!

In some places, sadly there’s high crime, high violence & gang activity that plagues neighborhoods!! My heart gets heavy thinking of these places, & knowing my extended family lives among it all!! But on the other hand really great people live here too, the culture is so beautiful & the love flows strongly among friends as well!! That’s a beautiful thing to see!! I love the mexican bread you can find, fresh tortillas & the many espresso shacks!! It has such a vibrant & lovely culture & Delightful cuisine!!

As I recuperate I’m also thankful for the Hallmark channel & cute love stories!! I love cute, warm & fuzzy feeling movies 🙂 sweet & innocent ones 🙂 Yes & Amazon prime & its variety of shows too!! We’ve been even loving the old fashioned silent movies!! What?? Yup so cute!! So there’s so much to be thankful for! So for today, what are you thankful for??

I also love friends that touch my heart! Bring me joy! Pals that are like family!! Our wonderful summers we spend together!! The pitter patter of little feet, Nieces & nephews that I love, some I haven’t even met yet!! What about you??

Why not think about things you’re thankful for?? Why not think about the good things in your life!! Why not take a bad situation & try to look for the good in it?? These are some of my thoughts today!!

Have a wonderful day 🙂


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