Escape to A delightful Frozen Giant Falls hiking trail in New Hampshire!!

On our way to pick up skiing gear one day we decided to take a hiking excursion & found a trail called Giant Falls in New Hampshire!! Have you been to New Hampshire? This particular location was just across the Maine border past Bethel & Gilead Maine into Sherbrooke New Hampshire!! It’s alittle hidden but we were pleasantly surprised at the end of the trail!! I’ll show you why It was a wonderful escape!!

First of all it was cold!! It was probably one of the coldest hikes we’ve done! It was the wind but once we got going it was good 🙂 the snow in New Hampshire was more than we got during this time, maybe 8-12 inches which made it alittle harder to walk, but so much more interesting!! My son kept lying down in the middle of the paths at random places!!

Start of the trail!!

We had a fork in the path & had to decide which path to take! So I took our my app & realized we had to go left!!

From there we hiked alittle more, and up to this point the path was pretty flat but then we started ascending upward! It got steeper and along side us we were following a stream! My husband was alittle further ahead of us while kids explored & ate icicles! We met up with him & the path got steeper yet!! Then we followed the trail head to Giant falls again to the left!! We felt like native Americans going down what looked like a narrow path walking into the woods!! It led us to an opening to a stream, which we followed to what looked like the falls! My daughter is so cute, she says “we came all the way over for this” I have to be honest I thought it was the end of our trial too!! Hmm I though this looks like a stream not a giant falls!! So I took my first video here! Checked out the app again & noticed I don’t think we’re there yet!! We were going to stop for lunch anyways so I thought why don’t i go check things out further & just see!! We’ve come all this way!! I’m sooooo glad my husband & I did!! It was amazing!! My daughter followed! My son was busy exploring, maybe laying down in the path again!! He’s 15 so he was ok! We made it it was frozen!!! The water fall was giant too!! It was beautiful!!

So we had a quick lunch!! Our hands were so cold!! The wind howeled, we were at an opening that looked like a valley so it was extra windy!!! Plus we had to get back for our next appointment!!

What do you think? Isn’t it gorgeous!!

So next time you’re wanting to plan a fun excursion why not escape & check out this trail on the AllTrails app, Giant falls in New Hampshire!!! If you live in Maine it’s close by!! Depending on where you live in New Hampshire it maybe alittle bit of a drive but it’s a fun trail!!

Happy trails!! Have fun & Have a great week!!

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