Gardening fun weekend, Planning a flower garden!!

MmmDon’t yoi just love flowers?? don’t you love it when your friend gives you bulbs, lilies, tulips and deep purple iris’s and much more from her own garden?? That’s what my friend did, gots to love friends that share like that!! Do you have a flower garden of your own?? I’ll give you a few tips that has helped me with my garden thus far!!

Thank you so much Sandy, such a sweetheart!! We had so much fun gardening together!!


One thing is finding a location!! What design you’ll be using to plant your flowers and bulbs, do you have a design or pattern? Color scheme? Do you want color all season long? If so you’ll have to plan according to when things bloom? Do you want perennials, annuals or a mix of both?? Do you want to attract birds? Butterflies? Hummingbirds? So If you alittle research you can get the right mix for your needs!!

Unfortunately where we moved recently and still working on our house, we haven’t planned for landscaping so I had to devise a quick plan to accept these lovely gifts and find a place to put them!! So I decided on making a half wall with pallets!! It’s a work In progress & im so excited!! So this is my flower garden on the left side of the pallet patio!! The hardest part of this garden is that we have so much woods, grass, area.. so I  starting to beautify this patch! lol! 😂


I so recommend a rotatiler to get your area ready to plant!! We had so much fun taking turns using this handy machine!!

My Garden includes a section for

Perennial plants

  • Candytuft
  • Creeping Phlox
  • Dianthus
  • Tulips
  • Flag Iris
  • lilac bush

Perennial Seeds:

  •  Columbine-blue star
  • Carpet of Snow

Perennial & annual mix

  • a wildflower bIrd & Butterfly blend-American seed

and other plants that I don’t know the names of that I was given!! And hostas & other plants naturally growing here!!

I also love roses, hydrangeas, azaleas, oriental lilies, and rhododendrons!! I used to have these plants at my last house… hope to bring some to our new home!!

Im so excited with this project, and looking forward to everything growing & blooming and showing you my pallet patio design!!!

Have a wonderful day,  hope you’re having  fun with your projects!!


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