Inspiration to help yourself and others! Anti-Bullying Prevention!


I posted this on Instagram and feel its important to post here too..Bullying has been such a difficult issue for children at school and when you have children at school, I feel it’s important to help them deal with this and help others that are dealing with it too!

This picture represents tranquility, peace and a calm heart!  That’s the way life should be! Sometimes we have to deal with bumps on the road but Don’t let obstacles get you down, with alittle help you can overcome them!! You can do it!! 👍💪🤛

Today’s post is dedicated to bullying awareness and prevention!!. .

If you know of someone going thru this, be a friend and tell an adult or police authority! If its happening to you, you should do the same!! It can be at school, place of employment or elsewhere!! You can get help and help others. Remember Most Schools have a strict anti bullying policy!! Parents; let your voice be heard, we are the first line of defense for our children, if one time fails to take care of the problem or help your child, try again, if the principle doesn’t help, try the next line-superintendent!! Your child is valuable!! Each and every child deserves to feel safe, at peace, tranquil and calm especially at school, hope this helps!! You are not alone…:)

Thanks for visiting, hope

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