Keeping it Real Dinner Party!! Hosting with a smile…

Wouldn’t we all love to be perfect hosts at our dinner parties with no mishaps… this post I will share some of my mishaps and things that have helped me deal with them!! Yes you can still have a mishap and have an amazing party and be a graceful host!!!

Yesterday was both a wild and absolutely awesome day!! While I had activities with the kiddos, and a friend of mine… Our husbands were working on our roof, Replacing shingles on a portion of a two story building!! So to thank them for their help i wanted to have a special turkey dinner for them and also invited a few more friends including my friends in-laws… so there was 12 of us..

So my story begins with sliding with the kiddos, we had an awesome time, kids loved it!,

So picture me in my snow overalls finishing up a turkey dinner!! Living in New England the weather can be treacherous so hence wearing marshmallow like gear is a must for me….plus I feel like I should belong on a tropical island because I get cold so easily so that’s another reason..

Having gone sledding, my friend helps me prepare an after sledding snack for the kiddos -popcorn and a drink so they can continue playing!! 6 kiddos…. 2 mine, 2 she’s responsible for including her daughter and two other friends!!

While she helps with the kiddos I peel potatoes,  boiling them for mashed potatoes … stuffing boxes ready to be made, for closer to the  5:30pm dinner that was planned! So I’m feeling Great, and ready…. and pretty confident about this meal… I’ve made turkey many times before….so everything is ready but the turkey!!!

Misshaps happen, it’s how you deal with it.

The Moment you realize your turkey popper didn’t pop and You have hungry children in the house!! You know this because two have asked for more popcorn.. more than the whole bag they had, tortilla chips.. and one child is asking to eat an onion!! Lol!!

One thing that’s on your side is that you’ve invited friends, for us these friends are like family, so you can feel more at ease if plans have to change alittle…

My friends were confident and were willing to wait and even cut the turkey up and put in the oven again… so it made it easy not to panick, but ordering pizza just in case made me feel better… not knowing the certainty of how long it would take made me feel alittle uneasy….

So Pizza it is!! Yes, it was An emergency run to get pizza!! Thanks hubby!!! Boys are done with the roof so celebratory drinks are being bought while turkey is allowed to be in the oven another 15-30 mins longer!! So having a plan b worked to keep the stress down for me, and the child didn’t get an onion but an apple!!

Hosting with a smile is possible it’s how you deal with obstacles… I’m learning this along my cooking journey. it’s been 18 yrs for me, the more you entertain the easier it is and the more your confidence gets built up… this can be the same for you too… you can be a great host, and deal with mishaps in a positive way…..

Nice Surprise

My buddy Steve cracked me up!! His job was to cut the turkey into smaller pieces and return to baking giving it extra time to cook…but when we pulled it out, and he starts to cut it, it was a pleasant surprise!! The turkey was done!!!

We found this out because instead of Steve is cutting the turkey, hes carving the turkey, he’s picking at and eating the turkey!! We better Get him away from the bird, he won’t leave us anything to eat his wife says jokingly!! We all laugh…..

It was the most delicious Turkey my buddy has ever eaten he tells my husband!! Yumm!!


One thing I learned is don’t open the oven to check on the turkey until aproxímate cooking time, after checking by pulling on the leg, if covered by foil uncover the bird… another thing I did was turned the heat up… and continue cooking. Even though the timer didn’t pop, check breast to see if its done and/or use meat thermometer…

We had a wonderful time, a great turkey and pizza meal…lots of laughs, skits, a movie and for dessert cupcakes…chocolate, maple and vanilla, with maple and/or lemon vanilla buttercream frosting!!! Yes it didn’t go as planned but what matters is we were all happy and enjoying each other’s company!!

I hope you can enjoy your family and friends and hosting adventures! Don’t be afraid to try and adjust as needed!

Have a wonderful evening, thanks for visiting!! Feel free to leave a comment, and/or follow my blog here 🙂

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