Amazing sights on Maidencliff Trail, Camden Maine!!

What a wonderful area to hike!! I hadn’t been hiking in the Camden area so this hike was quite a surprise!! The view at the top was amazing considering it was a short distance away!!

I loved loved the house that could be seen from the top of the mountain as we stood looking down, it was on a little island!! You could almost just stare down & dream about living there!!

Also I think I will add bringing an adult beverage to my backpack as a I need to bring item for a drink at the top from now on!!  This was a moderate hike that roughly took alittle over an hr and a half to climb but we took our time and relaxed on top!! But it was so nice to have a drink with the girls!! There was three moms and four children 2 being my own!!

Here are a few more pics!! If you’re looking for places to explore, this area is definitely worth the drive out here!!

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