Winter walk!! Loving the Ducks!!

Lovin our snow days, sleeping in, xtra reading, playing with dough, games and tv,  but This extreme weather has caused us to stay indoors alittle more than I want!! But we’re not letting it get us down!! Like today, it was a bit  slushy.. but we at least walked a mile.. better than nothing and we had a wonderful time too!!  My kiddos loved walking along the snow banks and thru slush!! Todays post will take you on a duck wildlife adventure!!

I took this walk a couple days ago when the weather was better! The Mallard Ducks were the highlight of this walk, they were so cute..I just love walking near the river, it’s always so beautiful!! Yes even in the colder climates… I think these guys are used to being feed, I could tell by the way they reacted to me plus there was a sign posted advising not to feed them!! So instead of fleeing from me they seemed to try to get near me!!


Cool waters, funny my camera captured Blue ….makes the picture seem a lot colder than it really was! Still looks pretty!! This was a different group of ducks!! It seemed like duck convention!! Lol!


With the right gear like boots, a hat, gloves, and my snow overalls, it could always be a perfect day for a walk, even a short one!! The hardest part is getting out the door, isn’t that true?? Because When you’re warm and cozy inside your home, who wants to get outside?? Well some good reasons are that cool air can help rejuvenate you and clear your mind and give you a needed break and can even help you destress a bit!! For the kiddos, it’s good for them to get their energy out.. so let’s try to get outside even if its alittle cold outside… I’m sure your weather is not as cool as ours if you live in a warmer climate….it’s 33 in Maine today!!


The Mallard Colored ducks are males!! Aren’t they so pretty?? Hope you enjoyed the pictures of these fellas as much as I did!!


Hope your having fun in your health and fitness journey!! Thanks for visiting 🙂 Have a wonderful day!!

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