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What you and others need…love this!!

931569A0-C8CF-48D4-B19C-510A1B772524.jpegToday I came across something  powerful  at a Starbucks drive thru… all I could think of was ya, we all need to feel recognized, included, appreciated, and supported… it also said delight me, which I changed to love me in the picture…

Apparently the words are meant for Starbucks employees, the register and motto were intended To promote a positive experience for both barista and customer!!.. I think we all would like these sentiments applied to us and need them but what a wonderful thing if we could share them in return towards others…. something to think about to help motivate us be better people…

We all need these wonderful things! Even to feel delight!! Glad I swung by Starbucks today!!

Loved this!! Thanks for reading/visiting, have a wonderful day!!


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